Winona Nouveau

Crisp aromatic light-bodied red with cherry-berry notes and minerality.

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GHV Marquette Dry Red

GHV Marquette

Complex wine with notes of blackberry, raisin, cloves, and earthiness.

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GHV Petite Pearl

Smooth with hints of earthiness, oak, black cherry & blueberry and balanced finish.

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GHV Sabrevois Dry Red

GHV Sabrevois

The sabrevois (sah-bray-vway) grape was named after the village near the Richeliu River in southern Quebec. Wines made from Sabrevois have a berry-like taste and aroma, and deep red color with hints of pepper, spice, and berry, and substantial tannin structure rarely found in cold climate grape wines. Serve with foods made with tomatoes.

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GHV Frontenac Dry Red Wine

GHV Frontenac

Mature flavors with smokey notes of blackberry, black current, and oak.. Serve at room temperature. Food pairing suggestions: prime rib with mushrooms, veal parmesan or other seasoned red meats.

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Bluff County Red Sweet Wine

Bluff Country Red

Sweet red blend of fragrant and aromatic grapes giving distinctive fruitiness. Serve cooled.

Available Spring 2022