We make two fruit wines with 100% fruit juice, two blended fruit/grape wine, and several flavored grape wines. They are all special, so visit the winery to try them all or order online.


Our Red Raspberry wine has been an instant favorite with a pleasant berry aroma from its 100% fruit base. Winner of a Silver Medal at the 2010 International Cold Climate Grape Competition. Plus two other medals. It has never failed to win! Try it to see why. Available Spring 2023.

Raspberry Blush

Soft berry nose with lightly sweet taste of raspberry

Cranberry Wine

Our Cranberry wine retains the tartness of  fresh cranberries with a hint of sweetness.

Royale Cran

Our Royale Cran wine is a blend with cranberry wine and white grape wines.

Not currently available


Refreshing natural citrus flavors made with Marquette grapes


Refreshing citrus flavors made with GHV Frontenac Rose. Serve directly from the bottle or over ice with citric slices.

Not currently available.

Choco Pêche

Our Great River Choco Pêche wine is made from Marquette  grapes infused with chocolate and peach flavors. This one will surprise you!

Bluff Berry

Our newest flavored wine. A white wine with a light blueberry flavor