St. Urho Wines

Our blends of cold climate grape varieties carry the St. Urho label named for the patron saint of the Finish vineyard industry. Legend tells us that as a young man St. Urho drove away the grasshoppers from Finland’s wild grape vineyards using the incantation:

“Heinäsirkka, heinäsirkka, mene täältä hiiteen!” (“Grasshopper, grasshopper, go from hence to Heck!”)

Urho is pronounced like “Errrrh-hoe” with a long trill of the R to represent his strength. Finlanders, at least those living in Minnesota, celebrate St. Urho day each spring on the 16th of March. His feast is celebrated by wearing the colors Royal Purple and Nile Green. St. Urho is nearly always represented with grapes and grasshoppers as part of the picture. Plan to join us at the winery on the weekend nearest this hallowed day for a glass or two of our saint’s namesake wines. Also plan to sing some of the many songs written to commemorate his brave work.

St. Urho Red Wine

St. Urho Red

This semi-dry red wine is made from Valiant grapes. The grapes in this wine were grown in the driftless blufflands of Minnesota. Serve at cool room temperature with red meats.

Not Currently Available

St. Urho Blush Wine

St. Urho Blush

This semi-sweet light color wine is made from a blend of estate grown grapes. Serve chilled with meats and cheese.

Not currently available

St. Urho White Wine

St. Urho White

This semi-sweet white wine is made from a blend of estate grown grapes. . Serve well chilled with fish or chicken.

Bluff County White Wine

Bluff Country White

Delicate and sweet white blend grapes resulting  in a wine with hint of sweet pear and mangos in the finish. The bluff country of the Upper Mississippi River Valley is the perfect location to grow the cold climate grapes blended to make this easy drinking wine. Serve chilled.

Bluff County Blush

Bluff Country Blush

Sweet pink blush wine with aromas of fresh fruits.

Bluff County Red Sweet Wine

Bluff Country Red

Sweet red blend of fragrant and aromatic grapes giving distinctive fruitiness. Serve cooled.

Great River Blanc

Smooth light fruity aroma with honey pineapple taste.